Sub Components

The Colombo Suburban Railway Project is comprises of six sub components. The following list porivides the basic introduction to each sub component.

Railway Islandwide Radio Telecommunication System (IRTS)

The existing radio telecommunication system covering all railway stations (except in Northern Line beyond Vauniya) and all Train Control Centres was installed in 1985. Now availability of support from supplier, lack of spare parts and impossibility of having communications with Locomotive Drivers are major drawbacks of the existing system.

Attempts to replace the system (using different concepts) have also failed.

Consultant was recruited through ADB (Grant) funds and the Consultant commenced work in August 2017.

As per the Terms of Reference the Consultant was to collect user requirements, design the system and to prepare bid documents.

Consultant submitted the system requirement specification and mapped available technology options with user requirements. The technology that fulfil user requirements and that receives long term technical support is LTE (Long Term Evolution). At present bid documents have been prepared to call for tenders for an LTE technology based islandwide radio telecommunication system.

System Requirement Specification (SRS)

Railway ticketing and Seat Reservation System (RTRS)

The paper based Ticketing System is used by Sri Lanka Railways from its inception. The system and its monitoring mechanism functioned successfully over many years.

However, system has following drawbacks;

  1. Special paper that has a property of embossing the “Issue Date” using a date impress machine is now scarce. Only one Company in the world produces this paper and they too are moving away from business.
  2. Records and statistics cannot be collected in soft form.
  3. Possibility of fraud is getting increased along with the increase of ticket price.
  4. Passengers must come to station to buy tickets. This causes inconvenience.
If a computerised system can be used, then passengers can buy ticket from outside railway stations even.

Several attempts were made by SLR to replace this system with IT based system, but could not be materialised mainly due to difficulty in mapping user requirements with available ICT technologies. Colombo Suburban Railway Project (CSRP), through ADB financing and through consultancy procurement procedure, recruited a consultant for collecting user requirements, design system and to prepare bid documents.

Consultant got mobilised on 10/01/2018.

Six Railway Officers from, operating, commercial and accounting departments of Sri Lanka Railways, extended domain knowledge to this consultancy.

A comprehensive Terms of Reference (TOR) has been given to the consultant so that the consultant will explore user requirements, available technologies, software systems and ticket issuance requirements before designing the system.

At present, the seat reservation system will be implemented by M/S Mobitel, and the future system will be integrated with Mobitel system.

Railway ICT Division too will also be strengthened through this process, in order to enable maintenance of the system.

Economic Appraisal Ticketing and Fare collection System

Construction of 03 Railway Lines from Maradana to Maligawatte and Construction of School Lane Bridge

As per Pre-feasibility study, 03 additional Railway Lines are to be constructed from Colombo Fort to Maligawatte (Loco Junction) to cater technical requirements such as movement of Empty sets and Locomotives.

This will enable reduction of train delays that take place at Maradana during morning and evening peak periods.

The design consultancy including social survey about shop owners in Jayantha Weerasekera Mawatha has been handed over to Road Development Authority (RDA) of Sri Lanka.

This includes Design and Bid documents for School Lane Bridge.

The Bridge which is having cracked piers, will be replaced with two lane Bridge consisting of two walking paths on either side of the lanes.

In addition, the road leading to housing area from the School Lane Bridge will also be rehabilitated fully.

Development of Railway Technical Training Centre (SLGRTTC)

Through the Colombo Suburban Railway Project, different new technologies and systems will be acquired by Sri Lanka Railways. In order to impart knowledge and to develop skills of SLR staff, training centre development has been undertaken. SLGRTTC has been established through GIZ of Germany in 1984.

Since then, considerable number of skilled staff have been created and have been released to job market by SLGRTTC.

At present, training extends in four areas such as General Fitting, Electrical, Diesel engineering and Welding.

ADB and GIZ will join hands to support the Training Centre development.

First, the existing facilities and equipment will be studies and replaced, where necessary.

In the second phase, a separate training wing will be constructed which will include training facilities for Railway Track.

Engineering, Electrification, Signalling and Locomotives.

In addition, conference facility will be constructed.

Construction of Brake Testing and Carriage Repair Workshop at Rathmalana

At Chief Mechanical Engineer Department, some of the existing machines will be replaced as this will immediately uplift the quality standard of major repairs to rolling stock.

In addition, Sri Lanka Railway, at present, is not having a workshop for repairs of Brake System of Coaches.

Therefore, a Brake Repair facility and Brake Testing system will be constructed as the second phase of this sub project.

Repair Consultant will be mobilised to design the workshop.

Construction of Colombo Train Control Centre and Railway Operations Headquarters

The existing train control centre at Maradana, situated in the Maradana Railway Station building is now congested due to addition of new systems and facilities.

In addition, development of facilities for Train Controllers and other staff is not possible within the available space of Train Control Centre.

Furthermore, the Power Control Centre adjoining to the Train Control Centre is to be constructed along with electrification.

Therefore, it has been considered to construct a sufficiently spaced building on the Colombo Fort side of Maradana Bridge (in front of Elphinstone Theatre).

The Centre shall include facilities for Train Controlling staff.

At present, officers of Operating Department of SLR are totally scattered.

They are to be brought under one roof.

Financial Appraisal CTC Building