Main Components

The Colombo Suburban Railway Project is comprises of four main components. The following list porivides the basic introduction to each main component.

Kelani Valley Line Development - Maradana to Avissawella

The Kelani Valley line extending from Maradana to Avissawella is 60 km with daily passenger volume of 14,600.

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Main Line Development - Maradana to Rambukkana

Rambukkana is 83 km away from Maradana and is the end station of the double line section in the 291 km long Main Line.

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Coastal Line Development - Colombo Fort to Kalutara South

Coastal Line of the Sri Lanka Railway is 159 km long and Kaluthara South is 43.0 km away from Maradana.

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Puttalam Line Development - Ragama to Negombo

Puttalam Line deviates from Main Line at Ragama runs upto Puttlam and the line length is 133 km from Maradana with double-track upto Katunayake and single track beyond.

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