Raffle for Selecting Housing Units for the First Batch of Householders

Raffle was held at the PMU premises one on 21st February 2020 for the for the first batch of Project Affected householders to select their housing unit at the new apartments where they are planned to be resettled. While the housing units in the ground floor of the apartment complex was reserved for the vulnerable groups, housing units in all other floors were open for the draw.  This raffle was organized with the supervision of the elected community representatives of the Project Affected Persons. The rationale for conducting this raffle was to be transparent and open, and provide an equal chance and equity for everyone to select a housing unit.

The raffle was conducted for the household heads in 297 Wattha in KV Line whose dwellings are proven and approved to be resettled by the entitlement assessment committee (EAC).  The affected persons who shall be relocated will also be provided with additional allowances to transport their household goods and materials, vulnerability allowances, livelihood allowance for self-employees, etc. as set out in the Entitlement Matrix.  The PMU shall coordinate with the UDA, in order to provide the resettled households with certificates of ownership.

The Project Director, Deputy Project Director of the Safeguard Division, Project Accountant, Staff of Safeguard Division, and Community Leaders elected by the PAPs were presented to monitor the draw.